Staff Organization

organization picture, there are Director, Secretary, and seven divisions(Registration, Survey, Land Price, Administration, Computer, Accounting, Personnet)

Division Responsibility
Director General in charge of all office affairs
Secretary Assisting the director in general office affairs
Registration 1. Examination of transfer, change, and encumbrance of land/building rights.
2. Registration, correction, or documents and documentation of land registration cases.
3. Examination, registration and correction of annulment of registration.
4. Issuance of registration copy.
5. Filing of application and registration of land registration, and management of warehouse.
6. Compilation of statistics and statements of changes of land registration.
Survey 1. Survey and re-survey of land and building improvement.
2. Issuance of land chart, survey of cuilding.
3. Re-survey of land charts.
4. Survey consigned by legal courts.
5. Safekeeping and amendment of land charts.
6. Survey of building.
7. Survey of unregistered land.
8. Policy-oriented survey.
Land Price 1. Evaluate land price changes and market prices.
2. Promulgation of current land value and land price.
3. Report of changes of land prices.
4. Separate calculation of land prices.
5. Issuance of copy of land price.
Administration 1. Land rights.
2. Land purposes.
3. Documentation.
4. File management.
5. Stamping of seal on document.
6. Review of change of land classification.
7. Cashier.
8. General affairs.
9. Research and review.
Information 1. Management of land system.
2. Maintain computer H/W system.
3. Office automation.
Personnel Personnel appointment, discharge, transfer, training, further study, evaluation of performance, citation and penalty, welfare, remuneration, retirement, pension, etc.
Accounting Compilation and examination of budgeting and final accounts, review of vouchers, and statistics.