The Measures of OfficeGreat er ConvenienceTo The People

1. Vocal inquiry by phone
To enhance the efficiency of services, we have provided a "Vocal inquiry by phone" which is capable of answering automatically your questions about the process of your cases. 
Telephone Voice Number: (03)5355185

2. E-mail services
Any recommend? Please email to

3. Apply for each kind of transcripts by mail 
a. Transcripts of Land and Building
b. Proof of Land Price
c. Copy of Land Chart
Service Lines:(03)5325121 ext. 123

4. Apply for Simplified cases by mail
Service Lines: (03)5325121 ext. 131

5. Reply services for your cases process situation by phone and fax

6. All-in-one counter
To expedite land registration cases, we have established all-in-one counters for concentrated processing of application, to save applicant"s time turning from counter to counter, thereby achieving the objective of "application at one counter for full-range services".
Service Lines:(03)5325121 ext. 123